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Placing Orders

»Are there quantity discounts?


Wood Frames

The discount structure for frames of identical size and style is as follows.

Quantity         Discount

3-9                  5%

10-34              10%

35+                  13%

Please call for higher volume quotes.

Metal Frames

If you buy over $150.00 of metal frames, (not including the hardware) you will receive 5% off your order.

Acrylic and Foamcore Backing

The discount structure for identical sizes and types is as follows:

Quantity      Discount

3-9            5% off

10-34          10% off

35+             13% off


Quantity discounts on mats may be on a combination of colors.

9-24 sheets = 10%

25+  sheets = 25%


»Do I have to meet a minimum order?
A minimum order of $125 is required; however, if you cannot meet that minimum, a $12.00 service fee will be added to your order.

»Do I have to order standard sizes?

No.  All frame sizes are cut to your specifications.

»Do you cut multiple opening mats?

Yes. We can cut as many windows as you like.  Please fax or email a diagram of how you want the mat to look, including border and cut-out dimensions.


»Do you have ready-made frames?

We cut every order to your specific measurements.  We do not keep any ready-made frames in stock.

»How do I place an order?

The best way to place an order is via email ( or fax; including your order and the following information:


Phone number:

Shipping address:

Special Shipping instructions:

Credit card number, expiration date and the 3 digit v-code on the back of the card.   Most American Express cards have a 4-digit authorization code (front or back):

Credit card billing address (if different from the ship-to address):

If you have questions or concerns about your order, simply state your questions and we will address those concerns via an order confirmation email or phone call.

NOTE:  We retain all customer account information on file.  If there are no changes to the Ship-To or Credit Card information, then you do not have to supply that information.  Please remember to up-date any changes in address or phone number as well.  We appreciate inclusion of your E-Mail address, as we use that as a tool for contacting you in case we cannot reach you by phone if there are questions regarding your order.


»How long does it take to fill my order?

All orders are generally shipped within (7) calendar days from the date of placement of your order.  Routine ground shipment time can require 1-5 days business days depending on your location, so it is best to plan on placing your order (2) weeks in advance of your required receipt date.

»What method of shipping do you use?
We ship via UPS or FedEx Ground.  For oversize frames and large orders we use common carrier (Over-The-Road) freight companies.

»What size frame should I order?

You will need to measure the outside dimension of your artwork; if there is no matting used.

For Canvases, remember that stretched canvases can warp or be stretched out of square. To assure your frame will fit, always measure both ends of the canvas (not across the middle).

For paperborne artwork that you will be matting:

The first thing to remember is that papers expand and contract, so in the perfect world you want your mat to overlap your paper by at least 1/4"all the way around your print.

For example: if your paper size is 8 x 10, you want your mat opening to be a maximum of 7 1/2" x 9 1/2".

Understanding the terminology is important as well. Your mat opening is also called the inside dimension. When you order a mat you will be asked for the inside dimension, and the border you want to see.

For example: Inside Dimension = 7 1/2" x 9 1/2"

Border size: 2" all around (add)   4             4 

Outside Dimension:                    11 1/2" x 13 1/2"

The outside dimension is always your glass or mat size.

»When I order a frame, does it come with everything I need?

No.  If you require additional framing hardware or supplies, those items must be ordered separately.  We supply acrylic (plexiglass), mats, foam core backing, hangers, wire, etc.; however, you must specify all items that you need.

»Will my frames come assembled?

Yes.   The exception would be if the outside dimensions of your frame exceeds 31x42. This means if your glass or canvas size is 30x40 and your frame is 2" wide, you would add 4" to your glass or canvas size; which would make the outside of your frame 34x44.  In this case you would need to order your frames "chop and thumbnail" or "chop only" if you have equipment to join the corners of the frames.

Quote Requests

»I don't see the prices on your site. How do I know the costs of materials?

If you see something of interest, simply go to the quote section and fill out the form and your request will be answered promptly.  You may also email us with the details if you have a large amount of items you need a quote on.   

Technical Questions

»How can I find the right mat color?

We carry both Crescent and Bainbridge mat boards.



BAINBRIDGE    »How do you clean acrylic(plexiglass)?

»What is a chop and thumbnail and how do I use this assembly method?

A chop and thumbnail (chop and plug) frame is shipped to you with the four sides of the frame not joined.  Each of the mitered corners of the frame are routered to accept a plastic plug insert.  In order to join the four sides of the unjoined frame, simply follow the instructions below:


Apply a thin coating of wood glue to the corners of two adjacent sides (short and long sides) of the unjoined frame.  Place the two sides face down on a clean and smooth hard surface.  While holding the aligned corners together, place the plastic insert (thumbnail) into the groove. If necessary, you can lightly tap the insert down into the slot with a small hammer or mallet.  Check the face of the molding.  At this point you can slightly twist the corner if necessary in order to achieve a flush fit before the glue dries.

Repeat the above step on the other two adjacent sides. Allow these two "L" sections to dry for a brief period of time and then join the two "L" sections together.  Apply glue to the remaining exposed corners.  Holding the two completed "L" sections together face down, complete the frame assembly by inserting the plastic inserts into the remaining corner slots.   Check the corners to ensure a flush fit and allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions before fitting your artwork into the completed frame.

Stacking Inserts

If you are stacking inserts (placing one plug on top of another) for joining taller moldings, insert the longer plug in first, then use a small slotted screwdriver to lightly tap down the insert into the routered slot.  The upper insert can then be installed.


»What is a floater frame?

A floater frame was created to frame canvases with the minimalist approach. Usually with a floater frame, you might want to create a little "air-space". On two of the floaters we have, the 443 (made for 1 1/2" canvases) and the 444 (made for 3/4" canvases), they have a "built-in" reveal (air-space) of 1/4". If you have a 16 x 20 canvas, that is the size floater you order when using these two frame styles.

On all of the other floaters we have to offer, you will need to add the air-space (or what we call a "reveal") For example, If you want to see a 1/4" reveal all the way around your painting and your canvas is 16x20, you would actually order a 16 1/2" x 20 1/2" floater.

You will need to order a set of offset clips to accommodate attachment of your stretched-canvas or artwork to the floater frame.  The offset clip is screwed into the back of the stretcher frame.

»What is a rabbet?

The rabbet is the recess on the back inside edge of the frame into which the artwork fits. "Rabbet size" refers to the depth of this recess.

Note: Most of our metal frames have enclosed rabbets.  When you are framing a very thick piece of art; i.e., stretched canva, be sure to choose one with a rabbet depth that will accommodate the thickness of the art.

»What is an allowance?
In the picture framing industry, each frame has 1/8" allowance added to the frame size. This is because materials such as matting, plexi, etc. tend to expand and contract. The allowance gives the materials room to breathe. All frames will be cut with an 1/8" allowance unless you specify otherwise.

»What is ATG tape?
This is another term for adhesive transfer tape that is specially designed for an adhesive transfer gun (ATG). This is a pressure sensitive adhesive contained on a continuous roll separated by release paper. You may also apply this tape by hand.  It is used to tape mats together, and also for applying a paper backing to a frame.

»What is econospacer?

Econospacer is a plastic strip with an adhesive strip on one side. You may get 1/8", which is a 1/8" square plastic; or you may get 1/4" deep by 1/8" wide.

This product is designed to keep artwork away from the glass.  You buy this product in 5 foot sticks and cut it to the size of the inside of your frame. It is easily cut by utility knives, wire snips, or you may buy a special cutter for the product.

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